Experiencing through our senses is the route to connecting more closely and memorably with the outdoor world. By considering the following elements, we open up an opportunity to mindfully absorb all aspects of the environment:

Colour influences our thoughts, actions, health. Throughout our lives we attach feelings, memories and meanings to our experience of colour and these associations build up our personal colour preferences.


Once experienced scents are rarely forgotten and are able to stir deep emotions within us as our sense of smell is loosely linked with our memory.  A small collection of fragrant plants with specific aromas can create an intensely enjoyable environment which has healing properties.



These offer a retreat from everyday life and provide an opportunity for relaxation and sanctuary. It is possible to create a structured setting for tranquility through the incorporation of features such as water and particular seat locations within a simply design space. 



Contact with nature is a basic human need and the more a plant species rich an environment is created the more diverse habitats will be possible.  Local ecology is best used where even the smallest of plant beds can include plants which attract butterflies.