The roof space of this law firm which overlooks the Tate Modern has been fully utilised by creating a series of outdoor rooms to allow employees to work in privacy. A central conference area has been created using lightweight concrete table and chairs and large barbeque area provided for events.  The planting design makes reference to the riverside setting using long grasses which create waves in more windy conditions.  Planting has been chosen to provide all year round interest in terms of colour, sound and smell.  Pre - grown mature ivy fencing was used to create shelter on the more exposed side of the roof top. 


Masterplanning and landscape design for the 1.5 million sq ft new headquarters which includes retail and civic uses. Working within a multi-disciplinary whilst working at HOK International, a landscape theme based on some of the principles of the Alhambra was created.  The design worked with the many complex level changes and integrates large water feature and tree groups to create a tranquil and relaxing setting for the employees. 

Masterplanning and landscape design for the re-planning of the headquarters at Port Harcourt. Working with the architects at HOK International, a landscape strategy was proposed which creates a central green spine which acts as a  focal space to the office campus. propsals include a sculptural ravine through which water lows in times of heavy rainfall. 

A simple palette of high quality hard and soft landscape materials were proposed and designed with much attention to detail to create a corporate style setting for this landmark building. The hard landscape pattern makes reference to the nautical theme of the architecture.