Physalis Design can support you with landscape requirements for planning applications. We undertake landscape and visual assessments (LVA's) which is key in informing a design layout so that any impacts on the surrounding area are minimised. As part of this, a landscape strategy will also be produced. We also provide arboricultural services. 


Physalis Design has extensive experience in all areas of landscape architecture. We like to work closely with the client and other professionals to ensure that projects are delivered to the highest quality and within budget. We work throughout all stages of the RIBA Plan of Work, from Inception through to Construction. 



Physalis Design has extensive experience in garden design within the UK and Internationally. We create unique, personalized landscapes to enhance the beauty and livability of your home. An initial consultation at your home allows us to find out your preferred style and any particular requirements you may have. A brief and concept plan is produced from which a full detailed plan is produced. 


Physalis Design puts great emphasis on creating environments which are responsive to existing local communities, the historic fabric and local culture.  We ensure that the public and private places and destinations have a sense of place with a clear narrative as well as being bio - diverse and sustainable.  This is best achieved working closely within a team of professionals through design charrettes. 

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